Active Skills

Skills are an important part of Rainbow Moon's battle system. To execute a skill, mana points (MP) are required. In total there are over 100 skills of different types to be acquired during your journey. Can you discover all of them?


Executing an attacking skill has a lot of advantages compared to simply using the standard attack command. A skill attack can be more powerful, hit multiple targets at a time, reach more distant fields and sometimes even inflict a status condition on the attacked enemies.


Besides attacking enemies there are also a number of support skills, including curing party members, healing status conditions and many others.


Analyze your enemies or use magic to cast light or food. Some of these skills even work outside the battle field.

Passive Skills

Rather than executed during battles, passive skills can be equipped and automatically work in the background without further administration.

The effect of all passive skills strongly varies and just to name a few includes improved character attributes, decreased food consumption and immunity against status conditions.

Skill Points

Equipping a passive skill requires skill points. The overall number of available skill points depends on your character and his current level.

Skills Level System

Whenever you learn a new active skill it starts at a base level of 001. Each time you execute a skill, its experience will increase.

Use your active skills frequently and they will level up. Higher level skills will become more effective.