Map System

By exploring Rainbow Moon, your map will automatically be drawn. You can open your map to find places that you have previously visited and gain information where the closest healer, the next quest relevant character or other persons or places are located.

Leader & Gear Change

Your journey begins with just one character but your party will quickly start to grow. During exploration you can freely choose your leader from any of up to six different main characters. The leader is also the character that you will control during exploration.

Also your gear changes (weapon, hat and body) are fully visible during exploration and battles. The example below shows Baldren in two different equipment setups.


You will meet merchants, healers, taverns, savants, weapon smiths and other folks in a number of towns and villages across Rainbow Moon.


Different merchants are offering different kind of products. You can find them not only in towns and villages but also on other places. Some are even brave enough to sell their products inside the dungeons.

Item Shop

This merchant makes kind of a deceitful impression. Here you can buy healing items such as potions and flasks, food, torches and even selected gear.

Weapon Shop

Specialized solely in the latest and most lethal weapons available across the planet.

Armor Shop

Your trusted source for body armors, hats and accessories.

Scroll Shop

This old man is specialized in a variety of scrolls. Buy those to learn new fight patterns as well as passive and active skills.

All four merchants are kind enough to buy any unwanted item from your inventory. This is particularly useful if you wish to sell your old and outdated armor or weapons as well as materials that you have collected during your journey.

Shop Levels

All merchants will change their supplies frequently. Whenever you have reached a key stage during your main quest, the shop level increases. In other words new and usually better items can be purchased from all vendors.


Treasures can be found across Rainbow Moon in treasure chests as well as loot bags. While some of them are easy to find during your journey, others are well hidden. Some loot bags are even said to re-appear after a while...

Treasure Chests

Once you have emptied a treasure chest, its content is in your hands. Some treasure chest contain very useful items, such as new battle skills, weapons and equipments.

Loot Bags

Loot bags are more common to be found. They often contain rainbow coins, food, potions and other healing items. Some loot bags and treasure chests may also be guarded by a group of enemies.

Taverns & Camp Fires

While taverns are usually located only in the major towns and villages, camp fires are spread all over the continent. Both of them let you recharge your health and have other unique functionalities.


For a small fee you can rest overnight, replenish some of your health and completely refill your food bar. You will wake up refreshed at the next morning.

Camp Fire

Not as luxurious as using a tavern but free of charge, camping restores your health and lets you advance to a different time of the day.


A lot of surprises await you at dozens of wells across the planet. What exactly? Well, that's left for you to find out...

Area Locking

Some areas are locked and key items need to be obtained first in order to access a new area. Two examples are listed below.

Warp Portals

Warp portals can be used to instantly teleport you from one spot to another. There are only a few portals on Rainbow Moon that connect the most important destinations with another.


By renting a raft you can cross shallow water and reach new destinations. There are rumors that another method of transportation is still available on Rainbow Moon...

Optional Content

SideQuest Studios wouldn't be called SideQuest Studios if there wasn't TONS of optional content to explore. Discover a huge variety of side quests, hidden areas, treasures and even completely optional areas and dungeons.

End Game Content

Besides optional content, you will also unlock new end game content once you have completed your main quest. We aren't going to spoil any more, details are for you to find out.

Just one final word regarding all optional and end game content. There won't be any missable quests or items during your journey. All optional side quests, dungeons, missing trophies, etc. can still be unlocked after your main quest has been completed. So rest assured, you won't have to start again entirely from the beginning.... that's of course unless you want to. :)