Equipment Types

Each character can be equipped with five different equipment types: weapons, hats, body armors, amulets and rings.
Each equipment has its own attributes (HP, MP, Strength, Defense, Speed and Luck) that will be added to your character's base attributes while equipped.

Additionally, some equipment can have a built-in passive skill and condition. For example a weapon with a built-in protected condition constantly increases your defense.


There are six different weapon types: swords, bows, lances, slingshots, axes and staffs. Each of your party's main character is specialized in handling one of these types. In total there are more than 100 different weapons that your characters can equip. Weapons will mainly increase your characters' strength attribute.


During your journey you can acquire around 100 different hats, ranging from helmets to masks, caps, crowns and diadems. Hats will mainly increase your characters' defense attribute.

Body Armor

Just like the hat equipment, body armor mainly raise your characters' defense attribute. In total there are around 100 different body armor that can be acquired.

Amulets & Rings

The functionality of amulets and rings varies and unlike other equipment some can be equipped by more than just one unique party member.

Equipment Licenses

Weapons, hats and body armor are standard equipment, no licenses will be required to use them. However in order to equip any of your characters with an amulet or a ring, a special license needs to be obtained first.


Equipment crafting allows you to further improve any of your current equipment. Visit a weaponsmith for all your crafting needs. Best of all, his services are 100% free!

Equipment Slot System

Each equipment that you find on Rainbow Moon has a designated number of slots. Merge an equipment with a suitable material from your inventory and the newly crafted equipment will fully inherit all attributes of the material. Eventually that means wearing this equipment makes you even stronger.

Selling Crafted Equipment

Although the crafting process cannot be reversed, your crafted weapons can still be sold for a higher price. So don't be hesitant, make sure to give it a try. It will surely pay out.

Endless Possibilities

Make sure to experiment a lot. There are dozens of materials that can be found all across Rainbow Moon including super rare ones and there are even rumors of hidden secrets in the crafting process. The possibilities of crafting are sheer endless...

Item Bags

Any item that you collect during your journey will be stored in one of your item bags. The inventory is always shared across your whole party. Items are divided into six different categories, each one with its own bag.

Recovery Items

This category includes health and mana restoring potions in different sizes, revival items and other items healing various status conditions.

Misc. Items

Contains items providing light, food, temporary and permanently attribute boosting items as well as variety of scrolls.


All your currently unused weapons are stored in here.


Any armor that is not equipped at the moment, including hats, body armor, amulets and rings.


If you find a material during your journey, it will be stored in here. Some materials are ideal for crafting, others can be sold at any merchant for a good price.

Key Items

Keys, special maps, ladders and lots of other stuff is stored in this bag. Some of these items are quest relevant and cannot be discarded.

Capacity Limits

Besides your materials and key items bags, items that can be stored in your other bags at a time are limited. In other words, manage your inventory carefully. Unwanted items can be permanently thrown away or sold at any merchant.


To increase the capacity of your item bags you can obtain item bag expanders, which can sometimes be found or alternatively be purchased from a store.

Item Sorting

The content of all your item bags can be sorted by name, type, defense or strength attribute. Similar sorting options are also available for all your active and passive skills.