Dungeon Types

Some dungeons are part of your main quest, others are 100% optional. In total there are more than 20 different dungeons to explore. Dungeons are no one-way road and no walk in the park either. There's a lot to discover including hidden passages, multi levels and yet again optional content.

Map System

Just like during world exploration, each dungeon has its own map that will be drawn while exploring the surrounding area.

Light System

It's dark inside dungeons. Light up a torch or cast some light magic to brighten up your vicinity.

Boss Battles

You will encounter a lot of tough foes inside dungeons, including nasty boss monsters that need to be beaten!


Pull levers and open gates to new areas.


Teleports warp you to new destinations inside a dungeon, back to a dungeon's entrance or back to the surface.

Event Fields

Special event fields can only be found inside some dungeons. These include health recovering and health damaging fields, just to name a few.

Locked Areas

Some areas are locked. A key needs to be found first to gain access to those areas.


Can you solve this puzzle to find the right passage?