Experience Points

After each victories battle, all your party members that have fought the battle will gain experience points (XP). The amount of XP varies depending on the enemies that you have beaten.

Leveling Up

Gain sufficient XP and your character automatically levels up. Health points (HP) and mana points (MP) of leveled up characters will increase and are fully restored. From time to time leveled up characters will also gain additional sub-turns and skill points.

Rainbow Pearls

Besides XP, you will also collect Rainbow Pearls from battle encounters. Only the character that has defeated an enemy (dealt the final killing strike) will receive Rainbow Pearls. The amount of Rainbow Pearls varies between all enemy types.

Savant & Attributes

Each character has six attributes: Strength, Defense, Speed, Luck, HP and MP.
To increase your attributes, visit any savant and exchange Rainbow Pearls for improved attributes. Some attributes may be capped depending on your character's current level.

Attribute Items

Items that permanently raise the attribute of one of your characters can also be found, available in different variations and sizes.