If you have previously purchased Rainbow Moon for PS3, you are eligible to a special discount when purchasing Rainbow Moon for PS Vita. Depending on your territory, this sums up to approx. 50% savings. The special discount is only available for a limited period of time.

Since some users are unaware of how to claim the discount, we have compiled a brief step-by-step tutorial. The guide is written based on the PS Vita PS Store. When using the PS3 or Web Store, make sure to search for the Rainbow Moon PS3 Player Special Offer product.

Please be reminded that you need to access the PS Store with the same PSN ID, which you have previously used to purchase Rainbow Moon for PS3.

  • www.eastasiasoft.com/(...)/6825-rainbow-moon-ps-vita-discount-for-ps3-players

  • If you have any questions or difficulties finding the discount product, please let us know through the support forum thread or email support(at)eastasiasoft(dot)com. Thanks a lot for your support.