We are about to invade the PlayStation Store once more. Watch out for the following releases later this week.

Rainbow Moon Demo

The free-to-download demo allows players to try out Rainbow Moon for up to 90 minutes and can be restarted as often as desired. After unlocking the full game, any previously saved game can be loaded and resumed from the same point without loss of progress.

Still hesitant? Grab the demo from the store and give Rainbow Moon a try! (Yes, that's an order! ;-))

Rainbow Moon Melodies

Also available this week is Rainbow Moon Melodies, the official Rainbow Moon soundtrack. The digital album contains all 32 background music tracks from the game. All tracks are 100% DRM free and have been adapted and remastered especially for this soundtrack release.

Rainbow Moon Melodies is available at just US$4.99 (North America) or €3.99 / £3.19 (Europe). Don't forget, you can also order a hardcopy of the soundtrack for your collection right here.

Rainbow Moon Premium Bundle

Price-conscious buyers can take advantage of the new Rainbow Moon Premium Bundle. This set contains Rainbow Moon, Rainbow Moon Melodies and the Rainbow Moon Starter Pack (Medium) add-on at a discounted rate of just US$18.99 (North America) or €16.99 / £12.99 (Europe).